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Who is Uncle Miguel ?

Uncle Miguel is more than just a restaurant; it's a vibrant tribute to the rich tapestry of Mexican culture, nestled in the heart of Peel Street. Our establishment is a love letter to the colorful streets of Mexico, its history, and its people, blending the lively spirit of Mexican traditions with personal memories and a modern twist.

Every corner of Uncle Miguel tells a story. Our walls are adorned with custom murals, bursting with the flair of Mexican pop culture, commercial art, and sports - each a piece of art bringing the exuberance of Mexico to life. The bold mosaic logo, the walls textured with raw concrete and street art, and the intricate lampshades honoring Frida Kahlo's artistry, all contribute to an eclectic and immersive decor. Our furnishings, from the ornately crafted timber tables to the plush velvet seats, are thoughtfully chosen to offer an experience that is as welcoming as it is unforgettable.

But the true hidden gem of Uncle Miguel lies in an unexpected place – our washroom. Conceived as a sanctuary by Uncle Miguel himself, it's a luxurious escape adorned with opulent Parisian wallpaper, classical gold-plated fixtures, and atmospheric wall sconces. Complete with its own audio system, it offers a unique retreat from the vibrant energy of Peel Street.

Uncle Miguel's uniqueness is further accentuated by relics of a musical past. Scattered around are genuine guitars, drums, and amplifiers, each echoing the rhythms that once filled this space, paying homage to a storied past and a well-respected institution.

At Uncle Miguel, every visit is a journey through the heart of Mexico, a journey through its vivid culture, and a glimpse into the soul of Uncle Miguel himself.

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